Using data and information to 

unlock and realize potential


Data Governance

  • Review of existing policies and processes
  • Focus group facilitation and stakeholder input
  • Data collection system review and analysis
  • Design multi-tiered governance system with widespread stakeholder involvement
  • Develop data governance program documentation and training materials

Data System Planning, Design and Evaluation

  • Identification and integration of robust student, staff and organization data
  • Definition and documentation of data standards, collection, access and use
  • Evaluation of system development and effectiveness
  • Engagement and buy-in of stakeholders at all levels

Effective and Valid Use of Data

  • Translate policy questions into appropriate data questions and analysis
  • Research design, analysis and interpretation of results
  • Design of performance measures and education policy metrics
  • Synthesize and present findings from research and analysis
  • Program evaluation design, implementation and analysis